Annapolis Newport Race

A2N raceThe Annapolis Newport Race is a biennial blue water race and an East Coast tradition. It has been raced since 1947 between the two sailing capitals of the U.S. – Annapolis, Maryland and Newport, Rhode Island. It is a 475 mile Category 2 offshore race that takes sailors from Annapolis, Maryland down the Chesapeake Bay then out into the Atlantic and up towards Newport, Rhode Island.

The Annapolis Newport Race is unique in that it challenges sailors with two types of sailing. In the first part of the race, sailors are racing south 120 miles from Annapolis to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, VA. This part of the race is marked by currents, shallow waters and commercial traffic, and navigating these obstacles add to the challenge. The second part of the race, takes boats east to the Chesapeake Light then turning northeast to Newport, RI for a 340 mile ocean sprint.

For information on the race, please visit the Annapolis Newport Race webpage.


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