Ocean Racing For All

Sedna submarinePeople sometimes joke that with my Hunter 45cc, I have a “racing condo.” To an extent, that’s true. It is a fast, mid-price production boat loaded down with all the creature comforts which many people look for in a boat. That includes  a comfortable layout with wonderful dockside amenities which include air conditioning, a couple large flat screen TVs, stereo, microwave, espresso machine and more. It really does feel like an apartment (albeit, NYC-sized) on the water. Yet, I like to race Sedna and show sailboat owners that getting out and racing on the open ocean is attainable for many people with standard production boats, it’s not just for specialized racing boats. Granted, there is some preparation that is important for getting one’s boat and crew ready for offshore sailing/racing but it is easily achievable and well worth the effort.

bird2The excitement and sense of adventure that sailing on the open ocean brings can be so rewarding! I always smile when one of my crew experience something new. dolphinsWhether it is a crystal clear night with the stars shining in abundance without the glare of city lights, the golden glow of the sun slowly rising above the horizon at dawn, seeing whales, dolphins and sea turtles swimming alongside the boat, or bio-luminescence glowing in the water during the night watch, it’s moments like those that are cherished.

In getting the boat ready for the upcoming Annapolis to Newport Race, I worked with the service yard at Liberty Landing Marina, Suntex Marina’s flagship marina. I was very happy with how quickly Dan the service manager arranged to have someone down to my boat to troubleshoot issues. Chuck from service was able to find the source of new house batteries not charging, a great relief before we left on a 800 mile round trip sail. The service yard was also quite helpful in getting the rig checked before the race.

All too soon, it’s time to head to Annapolis for the start of the race, where we will be proudly flying the Suntex Marina flag. Check back for an upcoming post detailing the excitement of the Annapolis to Newport Race.


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