What’s in Store for 2013?

As I sit here on my boat on a cold February afternoon, I’m thinking about the sailing adventures I have planned for this year. Racing half-way around the world last year in the Clipper Round the World race did nothing to scare me away from ocean racing. In fact, quite the contrary! Granted, there were some scary moments (almost losing a crew mate off the coast of Japan and some fierce North Pacific storms), but with the excellent training I received through the Clipper Race program, I feel much more confident sailing beyond the horizon.

I have two ocean races actually planned for this year. The first race is the Annapolis Newport race in early June, and the second is the Transpac in July. The Annapolis Newport race is roughly 473 nautical miles long and starts in the Cheasepeake Bay, heads south to the mouth of the bay near Norfolk, Virginia, then out on the Atlantic Ocean. From there, it is up the coast to Newport, Rhode Island.

The next race is the famous Transpac from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I’m sure this will be an exciting race in July, and much warmer than last winter’s crossing of the North Pacific Ocean! I’m particularly excited about this race as I will be joining two former team mates from the Clipper race, Will Parbury and Bill Kerns.

I will keep everyone updated as I prepare for the two coming races. In particular, the Annapolis Newport race will require some preparation in getting my boat ready, as there is a long list of items, equipment and modifications needed to have a boat meet the requirements of a Category 2 offshore race. Just to give some idea, the compliance checklist for the race is 30 pages long!

But until then, I need to get through a cold and wintery February …

IMG_2055 IMG_2057

IMG_2059 IMG_2056


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