A Frustrating Finish

The last few days were frustrating to say the least. With barely a whisper of wind, there were times that we were lucky to make one knot at times as we sailed down the southern coast of Mexico. Wind was definitely the one thing that was in short supply. In abundance were sunny skies and very hot temperatures. In the morning, the temperature quickly heats up to 38 degrees Celsius (can you change this to Fahrenheit) in the shade. Grinding and trimming the spinnaker in the sun was even worse. The water temperature is also hot at around 36 degrees (also in Fahrenheit please 🙂 ) so there is little respite at night.

At one point, we had dropped to 10th place as we struggled to find wind. However, without wind to fill the sails, there was little we could do but wait it out with fingers tapping on the deck in impatience. Finally, yesterday (April 29th) the wind picked up and we were able to move again, making at times seven knots, which helped improve morale considerably. Unfortunately, the joy was relatively short-lived, as the race was called early due to the lack of wind. As a result, although we were climbing back up the leaderboards, we ended up finished seventh on this race. Ah well, at least it wasn’t 10th.

Now we have roughly six days of motor sailing to reach the canal and wait for our slot to transit. In the meantime, the time will be spent doing repairs, deep cleaning the boat, and other miscellaneous tasks. Also, there is a promised swim later today which everyone is very much looking forward to! I will also continue to keep an eye out for marine wildlife as well. So far, the whale count is up to nine. And, dolphins too numerous at times to count. As always enjoyable to see are the birds resting on top of turtles.


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