4 thoughts on “Crossing the Dateline

  1. Martin

    I’ve been reading the race reports each morning on the way to work. It’s nice that you can have nicer condition for a few days.

    Keep racing and stay safe.

  2. Sky

    I really thought you guys had moved into 1st – didn’t know about “Stealth” mode …looked on the tracker like you had past right by them! Glad all is well and the seas have calmed down a bit! Keep up the great sailing! I have to tell you I am living vicariously through you guys at the moment as I go thru my day to day responsibilities…I am jumping between trackers of the Volvo Ocean Race and your race each evening! And in another few weeks the America’s cup will be going on in Italy…aww…so much ocean…so little time! Thanks for keeping my world interesting! Love all the posts and video clips! Hey- You might make it to the East Coast in time for the Newport Americas Cup Races June 23rd – July 1st! =)

  3. Mike Heller

    Hey Greg,
    I just learned about your adventure from the LLM Facebook page. I’ll be following you on the next leg back to NY. Be safe and enjoy the ride!


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